"In a constantly changing cyber world, your security is our priority."

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape a digital world where cybersecurity and the cloudcomputing are synonymous with trust and growth. We aspire to be recognized as the trusted partner of organizations seeking cutting-edge security and transformative cloud solutions. As we journey into the future, we aim to set the standards for security and inspire innovation worldwide, paving the way for an unlimited and secure digital future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the cybersecurity and cloud services landscape by delivering innovative solutions that secure and empower organizations in an ever-evolving digital environment. Through technical excellence and an unwavering commitment to security, we enable our clients to harness the full benefits of the cloud safely and effectively, driving their success in the digital era.

IT infrastructure components

LivewirExperts professionally manages your modern business IT infrastructure: massive, complex, and heterogeneous. We take care of all your IT components within a range of services, from daily monitoring and management to long-term optimization and evolution. We support your organization in evaluating and managing the elements of business IT. These include the following:

  • Hardware (workstation, server)
  • Data center
  • Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • Data storage.
  • security tools
  • Grid
  • Websites, web portals.

Service deliveries

Our IT infrastructure support offers periodic documentation to the client, all the time with which you can monitor the activities of the IT infrastructure during the provision of the service:

  • Infrastructure improvement plans.
  • IT infrastructure compliance guides.
  • Reports:
  • Service level reports.
  • Maintenance reports.
  • Health control reports.
  • Security assessment reports.
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.

Types of infrastructure


It is the collection of hardware and software elements necessary to make cloud computing possible. It includes processing, networking, and storage capacity, as well as an interface for users to access their virtualized resources.


They save and execute locally on the companies' servers. The main advantage of installing on-premises infrastructure is greater control over the company's data and files, although the investment is usually greater at the beginning.

Cybersecurity Services

Offering strategic guidance for designing and implementing effective security policies and procedures.

The Cloud Security Service focuses on ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources in the cloud, as well as preventing cyber threats and effectively responding to security incidents.

Overall, the IT Security Vulnerability Scanning Service provides organizations with a proactive and systematic approach to managing cybersecurity risks by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening their overall security posture.

Our services designed to strengthen your organization’s resilience against cyber threats, especially phishing attacks, and social engineering. Through this comprehensive solution, your employees will receive innovative training and phishing attack simulations to develop a strong security mindset and defend against the deceptive tactics of cybercriminals. Phishing is a type of attack in which attackers attempt to trick users into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords, by posing as a legitimate entity via email or other messages.

Planning and implementing measures to ensure business continuity following a security incident.

This is not just an option; it’s a strategic investment in protecting your business. We not only offer basic defense against malware and viruses, but we also address the most advanced cyber threats that could jeopardize your operation and reputation.
We provide a comprehensive and multifaceted defense. With next-generation threat detection capabilities, identifying and blocking the newest and most subtle variants of malware, keeping your systems clean and your data safe. Anti-ransomware technology ensures your crucial files don’t fall victim to digital hijacking, while phishing prevention keeps attempts to trick your staff into revealing sensitive information at bay. We know that cyber security is a complex field. In addition to protecting your systems and data, we also protect your business network. We have advanced firewall and network control features that act as a virtual shield, blocking intrusions and keeping malicious actors at bay.


This penetration testing is a preventive strategy, also known as Offensive Security. These tests range from the analysis of physical and digital devices to the analysis of the human factor using Social Engineering. Multiple tests need to be performed to get a more complete view of the company’s security profile. The objective of these tests is to verify under extreme situations what the behavior of the defense mechanisms is, specifically, it seeks to detect vulnerabilities in them. In addition, any lack of controls and gaps that may exist between critical information and existing controls are identified.


It is a security assessment that is performed from within an organization’s network or environment. In contrast to external pentesting, which focuses on threats from outside the organization, internal pen-testing simulates attacks that could come from internal sources or users with legitimate access to the company’s network and systems. Often, organizations focus on protecting their external parameters but neglect internal security. Internal pentesting helps evaluate the robustness of defenses within the network. In many cases, security regulations and standards, such as HIPAA or PCI DSS, require internal penetration testing as part of compliance requirements.

We offer subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) programs. Our team of experts creates a cybersecurity strategy that, ideally, operates uninterrupted while we constantly monitor networks and endpoints. Should a threat or vulnerability be discovered, we will work to create a response and investigate the source. We evaluate the state of available resources.

Infrastructure Services

We provide professional L1, L2, and L3 support to or from your IT infrastructure: We expertly solve both user problems and problems that require deep technical knowledge.

We offer a range of IT infrastructure management services, from planning and designing your IT infrastructure to managing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and evolving it:

Installation and configuration of monitoring tools (PRTG).

  • Provide reports on resource consumption and performance of IT infrastructure components.
  • Automate the ticketing process to quickly resolve issues revealed during tracking.

Periodic evaluations of security assessments to identify risks on the platform:

  • Cybersecurity vulnerability assessment.
  • One-time/regular penetration tests (quarterly, annually).

Regular compliance assessment with industry standards (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.)

Network Assessment is a comprehensive review involving a process to scan a network, its management, security, processes performance and discover risks or anomalies, as well as how functional the physical and logical connections and configuration are of the linked devices—gathering information about your network at the same time endpoints to identify opportunities for improvement and gain a comprehensive view of the health of your infrastructure. This helps you make more informed and strategic business decisions. A review of the network architecture and the security of network devices (including security-compliant configuration, errors, vulnerabilities, and more). Network assessment also refers to the network inventory used to discover which network devices are running on the network. The definition of network assessment also includes applications, servers, and operating systems.

It corresponds to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, which is an interagency body of the United States government.

In June 2015 CAT FFIEC (Cybersecurity Assessment Tool) as a cybersecurity evaluation tool, recommended by FFIEC, for financial institutions that are under its supervision in the United States.

The FFIEC IT risk assessment and its 349 controls established for the banking entity are applied transversally to the organization, allowing the different areas of the bank to be controlled and monitored in search of improvements in cybersecurity, as well as in the detection of gaps that could be a possible source of risk in the normal functioning of the bank.

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